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Dog ownership and yoga have several things in common.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Shelter dogs are close to the Two Sister’s hearts as they each have their own pack of rescue dogs. We wanted to take the time this month to advocate for the shelter dogs and to encourage anyone who is able to consider either adopting or fostering a shelter dog. Since 1981, the American Humane Society has celebrated a month-long October campaign encouraging the adoption of shelter dogs.

Jackie’s last rescue, Mama Xena, came to her as a foster. Mama was in danger of being euthanized. Jackie took her in to save her life and give her a chance to find a home. Shortly after Mama arrived, Jackie and her family realized that she was a perfect fit and they couldn’t imagine not adopting her and making her part of their pack.

Dog ownership and yoga have several things in common. Both may lead to increased physical activity by daily walks with your dog or dogma. Zora loves when Jackie gets out her yoga mat, she’s right there ready to do yoga with Jackie! Yoga has been shown to reduce stress. And petting a dog has a calming effect and may also help to lower stress hormones in the body. Yoga and petting a dog may lead to a reduction in blood pressure. And the American Heart Association released a statement in 2019 that owning a dog may in fact protect us from heart disease, based on their review of all available research on the calming effects of owning a dog.

Bring your dog along to any of our virtual yoga classes in October; we would love to see them join you for some dogma!

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